The magic of white noise

Inside the womb it’s louder than a vacuum cleaner, almost as loud as a lawn-mower!!  I’m not quite sure how this was makes the mind boggle!!  But what we know for sure, is that newborns love constant, ssssshhhhing sorts of noises.

We often hear about new parents trying to keep their houses completely quiet once their precious bundle arrives, but this is the last thing a newborn wants. They have had 9 months of constant loud noise, and silence is completely foreign to them. Perhaps this is why babies are often reasonably settled in the bustle of a busy hospital but completely freak once they get home and it’s quiet.

Inside the womb your baby could hear you talking, hear the radio or TV, your workmates chatting around the water cooler. Then there’s the loud noises that were inside you, such as your dinner processing and working its way down past baby….and the ever present loud and reassuring heart-beat sounds that your precious heard for all that time on the inside.

So if your newborn is unsettled, finding it hard to fall asleep or catnapping, try some loud ‘womb service’ sounds. You can use radio static, running water, the noise from a coffee machine, washing machine, fan or hair-dryer…anything with a constant buzzing or ssshing noise is worth a try. Or get a white noise CD or white noise machine for constant ssshhhing. Or you could try providing the constant ssssshhhh yourself but this could prove even more exhausting than being pregnant!!!

We look forward to hearing how you found white noise and which sounds worked for your baby.

Sweet Dreams


White Noise really helps newborns feel at home
White Noise really helps newborns feel at home

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