The fear of the catnap, by Tracey.

The dreaded and much talked about “catnap”. Its a question we get at The Sleep Store most days from mums just like me “my baby only sleeps for 45 minutes and I cant get her to sleep any longer HELP!!!” The truth is, this happens to a lot and I mean A LOT of babies, some do however skip this delightful stage and bless their parents with long day sleeps but both of my little cherubs woke bang on the 45 minute mark. So what can we do to help them sleep longer? is there a magic trick? There are a few tricks that can help our little ones sleep longer then one 45 minute sleep cycle, things like,

  • White noise during sleep time (as loud as a vacuum cleaner)
  • A good firm Swaddle (with room for legs & hips to wriggle)
  • A Dummy for resetling
  • A sling or carrier to pop on if baby can’t resettle in bed.

Some babies just don’t need as much sleep as others and end up having 4 naps during the day rather then a morning, lunch and afternoon sleep. If they wake up relatively happy then so be it. Babies are all different, there’s no one size fits all routine. Often when babies get older and start to become more active i.e. crawling and walking, their naps do in fact naturally get longer and they start to go from 1 sleep cycle into the next. I found with my two, the more I worried about how long they were sleeping, the more anxious I got about the fact that they weren’t. I learned to “go with the flow” which in turn released me from my fear of “The Catnap”.


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