Baby number 2 is coming!

Officially on Maternity Leave… I guess I can’t live in denial anymore. Our lives are about to change, big time!!!

AB will be two in a couple of weeks. Baby #2 is due on the same date she was, so they will be pretty much two years apart – optimal spacing, right? Or so I naively thought… I’m not going to lie, AB has given me a hard time, especially with sleeping. Her sleep (or lack of it) is what led me to The Sleep Store and opened up the amazing job of Sleep Coaching. Before I started working as a Sleep Coach, I’d read every article on The Sleep Store website back to front and side to side! I’d brought every miracle product to try and help her sleep better, tried all the tricks, but she was just stubborn and determined to feed all night long and not let her poor mother sleep.

You may or may not have picked up on the fact that I am personally, very into gentle parenting. I have always had the belief that she will tell me what she needs and all I need to do is to follow her lead and we’ll be fine. I still believe this, but a while ago I realised that it’s actually about me too. I had gone 18 months without sleeping longer than a few hours at a time (not an exaggeration) and I just felt used, like I didn’t matter anymore and was all about this baby that I loved so incredibly much. I was feeding AB all night long, completely on demand, and I was sick of it. So, I read up on the Jay Gordon method of night weaning and I decided to give it a try. We got to night 3 and she didn’t ask to feed overnight again – Hallelujah!!! We still co-sleep with the cot side-carred to the bed and she will wake for cuddles which I have no problem with, but I got my sanity back and started waking up in the morning feeling like I’d slept, rather than a mombie!

So, now I’m only a few weeks away from having another one, I’m wondering how things will be this time around. I think I’ve learned a few lessons along the way, I’ve definitely learned a lot from my time working with the other fantastic Sleep Coaches from the Sleep Store and my Happiest Baby Educator Certification. I’ve also learned from talking to other mums who have more than one child that the second one just sort of ‘fits in’ and you don’t have time to sit on the couch and feed all day, you have a toddler who needs your attention too. So, I know that things will be different, and I think that the way I approach sleep and settling will also be different.

One thing is for sure – this baby will love the swaddle, will love white noise, and will likely be carried everywhere too. AB is still very demanding and time-consuming, and we are literally together 24/7 so Baby #2 – you lucky thing, you’ve got a wonderful, crazy family just waiting to meet you (and love you) when you finally decide to make your entrance to this world!

Watch this space….


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