Update from Andrina….4 weeks in!

Hello world, it’s been a while….

I’ve been away from the ‘real world’ for a while now. Four weeks ago, we welcomed our second daughter, Zoë into the world. Since then, my world has consisted mainly of breastfeeding, nappies, toddler tantrums, Peppa Pig (to calm said tantrums – great parenting, I know) sushi runs and not much sleep. My hubby was supposed to take two weeks off work, but I soon realised that his idea of “being off work” was not the same as mine. He was sneaking away to take phone calls, answer emails and attend meetings. To be honest, it just pissed me off so I sent him back to work. Bring on having two under two, it can’t be as bad as I think – right?! Wrong.

I totally understand the notion of ‘Lying In’ now. With my first, I stayed home for six weeks purely for her. I was itching to get out all day, every day, but I stayed home to protect her from sticky fingers and unwanted advances from grannies in the supermarket. However, second time around I can’t bring myself to leave the house! Everything is a huge effort, not to mention packing nappy bag for two! So lying in sounds incredible to me right about now, pity the toddler doesn’t feel the same.

We’re now getting to the point that I can no longer claim ‘recovering’ as the reason I’m still home, basically I just feel lazy. I’m tired and hungry (which isn’t a good combination) and I just can’t be bothered. Yesterday we all went to the mall. It went well, thank goodness for our amazing new carrier (Beco Gemini – so comfy that I’m preferring it over the stretchy wrap, purely for comfort). It went well, everyone behaved and no one cried – winning!

My first child was such a bad sleeper, I spent hours and hours reading The Sleep Store articles in the middle of the night – this is what brought me to Sleep Coaching. I thought that surely I deserved an ‘easy baby’ second time around, unfortunately the universe didn’t agree. The first few days Zoë pretty much just fed and slept, as you would expect with a brand-new baby.  I couldn’t even complain about waking frequently overnight to feed, because I knew that was coming. However, once she had lulled me into a false sense of security, the hourly waking began, gas and just general grumpiness!

She’s been very gassy and struggling to pass it. We took her to a Cranio-Osteopath which has really helped but mostly we just had to wait for her digestive system to mature and this stage to pass. We’re not quite there but last night we got a four hour stretch of sleep! I feel like a new woman!

Things that have helped for us – a one arm up, one arm down swaddle – I don’t know why but she seems to love it. A baby hammock, as her digestive system was so immature and tight, she couldn’t handle lying flat on her back so the hammock has helped by cradling her and keeping her comfortable when she sleeps. Our Beco Gemini carrier – I can’t stress how handy a carrier is when you’re running after a toddler! White noise – Zoë loves the daytime noise so having white noise on at nighttime was a must for us. If the room was silent, she wakes pretty quickly.

Of course, she is just a typical newborn. Obsessed with boobs, doesn’t want to be put down, doesn’t give a lot back at this point etc. It feels like such hard work at the time but I’m realizing now that she’s already four weeks old, and that time has flown by. I’m going to enjoy these newborn snuggles just a little more today because before I know it she won’t be a newborn anymore.


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